7 Things You Need For Running An Airport

useful equipment for running an airport on sale in Vienna

Although being an aviation geek or frequent traveler, you’ve probably never thought of running an airport yourself – or have you? Well I haven’t, but in case you’d be playing with this idea in your head, Travelzoner has just found the right place for you.

Our colleagues from Austrian Wings reported of a massive sale of airport vehicles and stuff sold by Vienna Airport. On sale is everything from trawlers and metal detectors to gangways, luggage containers, baggage belts, snowplows, air jetties, and even fully functional fire engines. Auction house Karner & Dechow, located in Austria, is selling the airport equipment. Follow the link to the 90 or so pieces on offer.

So here’s a selection of the most needed airport goods.

1. Metal Detector

Running an airport also means staying safe at all times. So you do want to check your passengers upon arrival or during check-in. The thing you’ll need is a metal detector.

Prices start at 340 Euro a piece and there are loads on offer.

2. Ground Transportation

Sure you’ll need to cart your passengers around your airport. So why not use one of the fully functional passenger buses that until very recently were in use at Vienna Airport.

The buses are roughly 20 years old and have some 180,000 km on their back, but are still running properly. Prices start at 5,500 Euro per bus.

3. Baggage Handling

The luggage of passengers has to be moved quickly. So you should also opt for some baggage handling equipment. Like baggage belts or baggage transporters. The auction offers plenty, so you can choose from anything starting at 50 Euro for a baggage trailer to 1,200 Euro for a container hub.

4. VIP Transportation

Vienna Airport even sells some luxury limousines in pristine order. Such as a Mercedes-Benz E250CDI Formatic for 8,600 Euro (289,000 km), a VW Passat bargain at 2,600 Euro (147,000 km) or a Audi A4 Avant for 7,500 Euro (148,000 km).

5. Boarding

Ready for boarding? You now need movable stairs, which at 350 Euro are rather cheap and come in various designs and functions.

6. Push & Pull Aircraft

Once you have your passengers on board a plane you’ll have to push back the jet. SO you definitely need push-back vehicles. These are massive in size and power (350 hp a piece), but can handle any modern jet. Prices start at 8,500 Euro for vehicles about 15 years old.

7. Stay Safe

Finally you should think of staying safe and be prepared for any emergencies. Such as fire for example. Karner & Dechow have just got the right thing for you. They sell different types of fire engines that were used at Vienna Airport. The 1,000 hp V-12 MAN-X31 8×8 from 1997 for 23,000 Euro

or the 350 hp ÖAF (Specia Vehicle) 15.292 FAE Commander dating back to 1991 at 7,000 Euro.

Whatever your choice, make it quick. The auction ends end of June 2017 and people are already bidding on the best pieces.

For those of you who do not plan on opening an airport – and I should think that’s the majority of my readers – hope you enjoyed the story anyway 😉 Thanks to Patrick and his team over at Austrian Wings – cool job you’re doing.

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Happy Landings!

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