Airbus has announced to present a study of its most energy efficient A380 yet at this years Paris Air Show. The new model includes aerodynamic improvements in particular new, large winglets and other wing refinements that allow for up to 4% fuel burn savings. Added to an optimized A380 maintenance program and the enhanced cabin features first shown at Aircraft Interiors Expo (AIX) in April, the overall benefit is a 13% cost… Read More

useful equipment for running an airport on sale in Vienna

Although being an aviation geek or frequent traveler, you’ve probably never thought of running an airport yourself – or have you? Well I haven’t, but in case you’d be playing with this idea in your head, Travelzoner has just found the right place for you. Our colleagues from Austrian Wings reported of a massive sale of airport vehicles and stuff sold by Vienna Airport. On sale is everything from trawlers and metal detectors… Read More

mega jet leaving hangar

With a total wingspan of 385 ft. the Stratolaunch Aircraft is for sure the largest plane in the world. It was built by Stratolaunch Systems, a company founded by Microsoft cofounder Paul Allen. On May, 31 the mega-aircraft has left its hangar for the first time ever and will commence first tests soon. “We’re excited to announce that Stratolaunch aircraft has reached a major milestone in its journey toward providing convenient, reliable, and routine… Read More

An Emirates plane in mid air

Flying Emirates will get even more luxurious this November. On May, 30 the Dubai based airline announced the launch of an all new First Class setting for its long haul fleet.