You might already know that Vienna is well worth a visit. But have you ever been to the Augarten? Never heard of it before? Well then it’s about time that you do. Oldest Baroque Park in Vienna Located just a few steps from the city center of Vienna are roughly 130 acres of the city’s oldest baroque park, the Augarten park. The park might not be on everyone’s bucket list of things to… Read More

Vienna, the city of empress and gay icon Sissy, gay-ish composer Mozart and definitely gay-est of all cakes Sachertorte (a lavishly rich chocolate tart), always had a reputation of indulging in intimate and steamy love across and between all sexes. Sharing and spreading had a totally different meaning at times when emperors, dukes, duchesses or even apparents to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire hit the narrow streets of old Vienna’s red… Read More